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Reawaken Your Inner Psychic 1-Day Retreat

November 5, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


We were all born with one or more psychic gifts, but many of us have been conditioned out of them as we grew older. As a child you may have had an imaginary friend, had a hunch that things would happen before they did, or could feel the energy in a room but couldn’t explain it. You may have even struggled with scary dreams, feelings of anxiousness, or somehow feeling like you didn’t belong. All of those things may have been signs that your inner psychic abilities were at work. Now is a great time to re-awaken your inner psychic and learn how to harness your ability to connect to your higher self and your innate ability to heal yourself.

During this retreat you will:
• Learn how to connect to an infinite source of healing energy
• Establish a connection to your higher self
• Learn how to read physical cues & messages
• Meet one or more of your spirit guides
• Practice using oracle cards to access universal wisdom & guidance
• Recognize some of the signs that you are connected with spirit
• Discuss practices to keep you aligned to spirits that support your highest good
• Finally begin to really trust your inner psychic
• Have an opportunity to ask questions about any of your experiences

9:00am – Welcome & Opening Circle
9:30am – Primus Activation Meditation
10:45am – Tapping Into Your Intuitive Energy
11:30am – Practice Readings
12:15pm – Lunch (Vegan & Gluten-Free)
1:00pm – Meeting Your Spirit Guides
1:30pm – Creating Your Protective Glyph
2:15pm – Tapping Into Nature’s Intuition
3:15pm – Oracle Card Readings
3:45pm – Closing Circle

NOTE: All activities are optional. While we encourage you to participate in all activities as it contributes to a fun retreat for all of us, nothing is mandatory. If you are not comfortable participating in an activity you are welcome to relax and observe or take some free time for yourself.

Primus Activation Meditation

Experience a deeply healing and relaxation meditation that aligns you with the infinite energies of the Earth and the Sun. During this practice you will learn how to ground your energy, restore energies you may have given away, and bring a sense of joy and love to the cells in your body. This meditation serves as a great way to clear and protect your field prior to engaging in psychic work.

Tapping Into Your Intuitive Energy

Everything in this universe is made of energy. In this workshop you will deepen your awareness of the energy in your body and your environment. You will experience first hand how you can control, influence, and shift your energy to connect with and ‘read’ the energy of an individual or space.

Meeting Your Spirit Guides

In this workshop you will enter a relaxed meditative state and travel into an interdimensional space where you can communicate with your higher self and etheric guides.

Creating Your Protective Glyph

Our unconscious mind and higher self knows exactly what it needs, but sometimes it is difficult for our conscious mind to have awareness of those needs. Using a special intuitive art practice, we will tap into your higher wisdom to create a symbol of protection that you can use on a daily basis to feel safe and secure in your psychic development.

Tapping Into Nature’s Intuition

Nature has a profound way of communicating with us if we only slow down enough to listen. We’ll head out to the forest for this workshop to connect more deeply with the nature spirits and learn how to receive support from the plants and animals in your backyard.

Oracle Card Readings

Jennifer will share with you her practice of reading oracle cards (or other images) to gather intuitive messages. You will learn how to draw on the energy of the images (rather than the words) of oracle cards to tap into intuitive wisdom. You will no longer be relying on the pre-packaged books after this workshop!

Retreat Guide – Jennifer Kavanagh
Jennifer Kavanagh is the creator of Pura Vida Soul Institute Inc and the lead facilitator, yoga instructor, and Intuitive Healer. As a child she often spoke with lost loved ones and had vivid dreams about past and future lives, but quickly learned to rationalize these experiences away. It wasn’t until her early twenties when she began to study with Doreen Virtue, Agnes Fehlau, Sofiah Thom, and other spiritual healers and researchers to quickly reawaken her psychic gifts. Jennifer now works regularly with private clients and groups across Ontario providing intuitive readings, healing, and soul coaching. She brings a sense of gentleness, humour, and fun to all of her workshops and helps her clients bridge their daily life with their spiritual life.


Upcoming Dates

Sunday, November 5, 2023. 9am-4pm

Cost (Prices are per person)
$150+HST (Includes retreat activities and lunch)

A $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot in the retreat. The balance will be due upon arrival.

Retreat Cancellation and Refund Policy.
All retreat deposits are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a retreat, you may transfer your spot to another person. However, no refunds will be issued.


To register, please click on the link below to submit your deposit. If you prefer to pay cash for your deposit, please email us at info@soulinsitute.ca to complete your registration.

Reawaken Your Inner Psychic 1-Day Retreat

Reawaken Your Inner Psychic 1-Day Retreat


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November 5, 2023
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Jennifer Kavanagh


The Soul Institute
1022 Baseline Rd
Severn Bridge, Ontario P0E 1N0 Canada
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